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Vintner’s Cellar Cochrane January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year

We hope the festive season was enjoyed by everyone and you got what you were hoping for under the tree. If not, we got you covered here at the Cellar. Why not treat yourself to a batch of wine? We are back at the shop looking forward to making great tasting wine together.

New Prices

It is probably no surprise with all of the news these days about supply chain interruptions, freight costs going up, municipal taxes increasing and the overall cost of goods available all going up, we are being forced to increase our prices. We had two significant price increases this past year from our suppliers and we can no longer keep our prices at their current levels. Starting January 4, 2022, the prices for our various kits are as follows:

Gold Medallion Kits $90 per kit

Fruit Kits $100 per kit

Supreme 23 litre pure juice kits $155 per kit

16 litre Varietal Limited Reserve $195 per kit

23 litre Varietal Limited Reserve $230 per kit

16 litre Crushed Grape Skin kits $230 per kit

23 litre Crushed Grape Skin kits $265 per kit

12 litre Port Kit $195 per kit

The winery fee is not being increased at this time and remains at $60 per kit.

We hope you understand the situation that we find ourselves in and we appreciate your continued support going forward in 2022.

Trivia Question

Which is the workhorse for tasting the flavours of wine and food – the nose or taste buds?

Answer is at the bottom of the last page of the newsletter

Wine of The Month – Bordailles Rouge

A smooth and well round wine, velvety with subtle notes of berries. Dry and medium in color this clean and refreshing wine offers unique flavours of raspberry and a touch of bell pepper aroma. Low in tannin. Generous and crisp on the pallet, ages well but can be enjoyed young.

Comparable Wines: Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Pairing: Good choice with shellfish, white meats and poultry.

Available In : Gold Medallion and Supreme Sterile Juice

Barrel Club

The Barrel Club is where we create a large batch of wine (10 kits which equals 230 litres) in our stainless-steel fermenters and then batch age the wine in a Hungarian Oak Cask, creating a high-quality wine with tons of character and flavour. Sounds like a variety you want to have in your cellar? Keep reading…

Just choose which variety or varieties you want to join in on and then give us a call to pay & hold your spot. Payment can be made over the phone to save a trip to the shop. Once it is sold out, we will contact everyone to come in to pitch the yeast. Just like all of our kits this opportunity will get you about 30 bottles of wine.

Amarone with Skins - ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT

An irresistible wine whose elegance draws you subliminally into its orbit. Intense ruby-garnet in color, it is redolent of a profusion of aromas of coffee, cherries and sun-dried fruits. Its higher alcohol makes it full and generous in the mouth and it overwhelms the palate with intense flavors, prolonging your pleasure with its characteristic slightly bitter finish. This batch will include 40 kilos of beautiful grape skins that will add that extra body and fullness we all know and love.

Sweetness: Dry / Body: Full / Oak: Heavy / Recommended aging: 9-12 months

Cost for this variety is $313.

Italian Super Tuscan

Subtle hints of vanilla with robust fruit flavor and heavy untoasted oak chip character add intense tannins to the palate. This wine offers traces of the old world that are big on flavor. Built with a strong back bone of acidity, this wine is better on the dinner table enjoyed with food rather than sipping alone. It is an amazing blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Cabernet Franc.

Comparable Wines: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Cost for this variety is $238

Don’t hesitate, call or stop in today to reserve your spot!!

Referral Program

We have formalized our referral program to make it easier for you and those you know to save $10 each on your next batch of wine. Simply pick up some referral cards from our store, write your name on the back of the card and give them away to your wine loving friends and family. When the card is redeemed in store both you and the recipient receive a $10 discount on your batch of wine. Getting a $10 discount on your next batch of wine has never been easier. Giver’s gain!!

We will be closed

We will also be closed Saturday, January 8 - we are attending a good friend’s 60th birthday celebration!!

Answer to this month’s trivia question is the nose. Olfactory nerve cells carry flavour messages to the brain. Taste buds detect only sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

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