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Natural Cork Recycling Depot

Here at the Cellar we have partnered up with ReCork a natural cork recycling company and we are now accepting your used natural corks. The corks just have to be natural corks and we accept the agglomerated cork, they twin topped agglomerated cork, one piece natural cork and champagne corks. 

Re Cork is a natural cork recycling company that takes used natural corks, breaks them down and reforms them into new cork products. Primarily cork soles for shoes. ReCORK was launched as a natural wine cork recycling program in 2008 by Canadian footwear company SOLE. It has since become the largest program of its kind in North America, with an R&D team dedicated to innovation around the cork recycling process.


Here at the Cellar we support the use of natural corks and our corks are an agglomerated natural cork. They use the bits of cork left over from the first cork cuts and those bits are ground up and reformed into a cork for your wine bottle. Since we first opened the Cellar has used over 66,000 corks to bottle some great tasting wines.


As a partner in the program we now have a cork collection container available here at the shop. All you need to do to recycle your corks is to collect them and bring them down to drop them into the bucket located by the front desk.


Why cork? Cork is amazing. It’s one of the only renewable resources that actually has a carbon-negative impact, which means that growing, harvesting and processing it has a net result of removing carbon from our atmosphere. In other words, the world becomes a better place the more we choose cork!


Myth busting: there is no shortage of cork, and cork oak trees are not cut down to make cork. In reality, the biggest threat to cork is a reduction in global demand of natural cork stoppers. The use of alternative stoppers threatens this environmentally and economically sustainable industry and risks leaving cork forests unprotected.


Cork oaks grow in 2.7 million hectares of ecologically sensitive, high-biodiversity forests in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa. Cork oak forests sequester 30.6 million tons of CO2 per year. Cork is harvested by hand from the bark of cork oak trees. No trees are cut down in the process. Instead, every tree is left standing to be harvested every 9-12 years. With the right care and management, cork trees can live well over 200 years meaning each tree could be harvested 15-18 times in its lifespan.


To learn more about the ReCork company you can check them out at


Please save and recycle your corks by dropping them off at your convenience at the shop located at 402 Railway Street Cochrane.

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