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Vintner’s Cellar Cochrane February 2023 Newsletter

What’s in a bottle of wine?

We all know that there is wine in that 750ml bottle, but did you know what else makes up our favorite beverage? Well, here are some interesting facts about what’s in that bottle:

· A bottle of wine contains 25.4 oz and provides about 4-6 glasses per bottle depending upon the alcohol level. The higher the alcohol the more glasses you get out of the bottle. Port for example provides 10 glasses per 750ml bottle, a bottle of Shiraz with 15% ABV has 8.9 servings per bottle and, a bottle of German Riesling with 8% ABV has just 4.7 servings.

· The calories per bottle depends upon the alcohol level as well. A dry wine at 12% ABV is about 455 calories, a 13% ABV is around 515 calories, a 14% is 555 calories and a Port is around 1285 calories.

· 1.65 lbs (748 grams) of grapes are required to make the bottle of wine. Seeing that grapes vary in size and juice amounts per grape it takes anywhere from 300 to 900 grapes to make a bottle of wine.

Wine Drinking Facts

· If you drink a bottle of wine a week for your entire adult life you will consume about 2,970 bottles of wine.

· If you drink a glass of wine a night every night of your adult life, you will drink an equivalent of 4,160 bottles of wine.

· The average bottle of dry red wine has about 550 Calories and no carbs.

· Dry wine is keto friendly!

· Sweet wine has zero fat and ranges from 3-333 carbs.

Wine Production Facts

· There are 1368 confirmed wine varieties in the world.

· Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular grape variety with 310,671 hectares world wide.

· In one year the world produced enough wine for everyone to have 4 bottles.

· The average bottle of wine contains 520 grapes or 5.5 bunches of grapes.

· Our barrels at Vintner’s Cellar are 230 litre oak casks (standard oak barrel size) which is equal to 300 bottles.

· To make 700 bottles of wine you need about a ton of grapes.

· One acre of vineyard can produce anywhere from 700-3600 bottles of wine.

*Thanks to Wine Folly for the stats.

Trivia Question of the Month – Which red grape is Italy’s noblest and resides in the northwest region of Piedmont- Sangiovese or Nebbiolo? - Answer at the end of the newsletter.

Barrel Club

The Barrel Club is where we create a large batch of wine, 10 kits which equals 230 litres and then batch age the wine in a Hungarian Oak Cask, creating a high-quality wine with tons of character and flavour. Just choose which variety or varieties you want to join in on and then give us a call to pay & hold your spot. Payment can be made over the phone to save a trip to the shop. Once it is sold out, we will contact everyone to come in to pitch the yeast. Just like all of our kits this opportunity will get you about 30 bottles of wine.

Next Up – Big Hill Cabernet Blend

We have decided to make our very own Cochrane blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot & Syrah. This wine will have an intense red color with deep garnet hues. Fruit flavours of blackberries, cherries, and currant will burst from the glass along with fresh pepper. The finish will be oaky and slightly spicey making it a great pairing for steak, strong cheeses, lamb dishes and pastas.

Cost for this variety is $348.50 and any bottles required.

Don’t hesitate, call or stop in today to reserve your spot!!

Wine of The Month – Gribiano

A gentle scent of honey and herbs, light yet pleasantly tart, an incredibly smooth wine with fruity tones of melons and pears. Gribiano is a Pinot Grigio and Trebbiano blend and is a light amber color, hosting fruity in characters and has a well-balanced acidity. Lively, fresh and exuberant, the finish is always clean and crisp

Pairing: The mellow taste pairs well with fish, salads, shrimp and chicken.

Medium Aging: 1-3 months

Available In: Supreme Sterile Juice

Gift Cards - for the wine lover in your world

Valentines is just around the corner so why not treat that special someone with the gift of wine! Guaranteed to put a smile onto their faces. Our gift cards can be loaded with as much as you want to put onto them. Get yours today!

Sparkling Wine

We are making new sparkling wine in the Cellar every week! Thank you to everyone who has made sparkling wine. We appreciate your support in our new endeavor and your positive feedback has been appreciated! If you enjoy sparkling wine, we encourage you to come in and start a batch with us – you will not be disappointed. 23L of sparkling wine seem like too much – we can sparkle half your batch for you and keep half the batch regular.

Trivia Question answer is Nebbiolo. It is the grape that makes Borolo wine. One of our recent barrel club varieties was a Borolo. And for those who got in on it are enjoying life with a glass of amazing wine. Here at the Cellar we have several styles of Nebbiolo and a couple of blends that include this very noble grape.

One of Italy’s most famous varieties is grown primarily in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. A wine that evokes legend and fascination with its brilliant garnet-red and flashes of amber. The bouquet is both pleasing and intense with aromatic notes of violets and oregano. Smooth in the mouth with crisp acidity, its firm but well integrated tannins give good length on the palate. It is a wine that exudes glory, nobility and power.

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