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Vintner’s Cellar Cochrane December 2022 Newsletter

Gift Cards

Don’t’ forget to pick up your Vintner’s Cellar Gift Cards for those Wine Lovers on your list. Any denomination - great stocking stuffers!

Trivia Question

True or False: Tannins in red wine act as a preservative and contribute to the aging process. The answer is on the last page of the newsletter.

Wines of The Month

Here at the Cellar, we have a lot of different varieties to choose from. This month we are highlighting some of our most popular white wines. Listed below are some of them along with some notes about the wine.

All of these wines are available here at the Cellar so stop in today and start your own amazing white wine!

Pinot Grigio This fine Italian varietal lends itself well to dry, acidic, crisp styles. Muscat The Muscat family of grapes exhibit heady floral aromas while packing a strong fig-guava punch. Gewürztraminer Typically thought of as a German varietal, this grape actually originated in northern Italy. It is often made in sweet or off-dry styles and carries floral and spice notes. Ours is off dry but we can sweeten it to your liking. Riesling Laden with floral, apricot and peach notes, Riesling makes wonderful sweet as well as dry wines – all aromatic and lush in aroma and flavor. Chardonnay Often called the “King of the White Varietals,” Chardonnay has never been more popular among wine consumers. When crisp, bright and judiciously oaked, Chardonnay lives up to its royal title. Sauvignon Blanc The “Other Chardonnay” is a native of the Bordeaux region of France. Sauvignon Blanc is relatively easy to make and can range from grassy and vegetal to fruity and floral. It is often fermented cold and not barrel aged.

Recipe of the Month

Christmas Mulled Wine

(4 servings)

Ingredients 2 cups Vintners Cellar dry red wine or the Cranberry Shiraz from the fruit wine selection ½ cup sugar Juice of ½ lemon 1 cinnamon stick 6 whole cloves 6 whole allspice Lemon twists for garnish

Step by Step

Combine all but twists in a stainless-steel pan. Heat just to a simmer. Strain into heat-resistant glasses or small mugs. Top each with a lemon peel twist.

Answer to this month’s trivia question is True.

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