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Vintner’s Cellar Cochrane August 2022 Newsletter

Trivia Question

Which are the basic sequential steps of wine tasting – assess cork-swirl-taste, look-smell-taste, swirl-taste-spit?

Answer is at the bottom of the last page of the newsletter

Wine of The Month – Italian Frascati

A strong white wine blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia. The Malvasia gives the wine a citrus aspect while the Trebbiano is more delicately flavoured with floral notes that add a striking acidity to the wine. This light bodied; crisp, slightly off dry wine is pale yellow in colour. Tasting fruity and full of body, with aromatics and flavour of ripe fruit, touches of honey and wild flowers. Our Italian Frascati 23liter wine has an intense and quite complex nose, savoury with hints of melon and tropical fruits on a mellow citrus background with herbaceous undertones. Use a medium glass size large enough to facilitate the circulation of aromas.

Serving: 10-12 ° C .

Frascati goes perfectly with appetizers, soups, main courses, fish and poultry, as well as medium-aged cheeses.

Sparkling Wine Update

Since the last news letter, we have been experimenting with a white zinfandel to have it sparkling. We reached out to several wine makers to see if they had some guidance on how they make their sparkling wine and we got some great information that we are currently putting to use.

We are now working on a Gewurztraminer to see if we can get it sparkling. We still have a way to go and will keep trying various methods until we land on a winning recipe. Stay tuned…..

Barrel Club

The Barrel Club is where we create a large batch of wine (10 kits which equals 230 litres) in our stainless-steel fermenters and then batch age the wine in a Hungarian Oak Cask, creating a high-quality wine with tons of character and flavour. Sounds like a variety you want to have in your cellar? Keep reading…

Just choose which variety or varieties you want to join in on and then give us a call to pay & hold your spot. Payment can be made over the phone to save a trip to the shop. Once it is sold out, we will contact everyone to come in to pitch the yeast. Just like all of our kits this opportunity will get you about 30 bottles of wine.

Amarone with Skins

Back by popular demand we are offering Amarone with Skins once again. Those of you who were lucky enough to get in on the previous batches know how wonderful this wine is. You said your wine racks are empty of Amarone and we are here to help remedy that situation.

An irresistible wine whose elegance draws you subliminally into its orbit. Intense ruby-garnet in color, it is redolent of a profusion of aromas of coffee, cherries and sun-dried fruits. Its higher alcohol makes it full and generous in the mouth and it overwhelms the palate with intense flavors, prolonging your pleasure with its characteristic slightly bitter finish. This batch will include 40 kilos of beautiful grape skins that will add that extra body and fullness we all know and love.

Sweetness: Dry / Body: Full / Oak: Heavy / Recommended aging: 9-12 months

Cost for this variety is $348.

Don’t hesitate (this will sell out quickly), call or stop in today to reserve your spot!!

Recipe of the Month

Wine Infused Brownies

Ingredients/ Instructions

Wine and chocolate are an indulgent pairing that’s even more delicious when served in brownie form. To make a batch, replace the water in your favorite boxed brownie mix with a Vintner’s Cellar red wine (such a great idea perhaps replacing the water with red wine in most recipes might just be a thing?) then bake to box directions; let cool. Whip store-bought chocolate frosting with 3 tablespoons of red wine until fluffy, then drizzle over brownies. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, raspberries or blueberries and chopped almonds to finish. Serve with your favorite Vintner’s Cellar red wine or a sweet white wine, a winning combination!

Answer to this month’s trivia question is look-smell-taste. We don’t support the spitting out of wine unless you are a wine judge…. It tastes so great who would want to?

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